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BOYU - Aquarium TL-450

Boyu Aquarium Kit TL-450Boyu Aquarium Kit TL-450

Technical Specifications

  • 15 gallon/60L capacity
  • Smooth rounded corners / 270° viewing angle
  • Double 50/50 2x18W power compact
  • Polished stainless steel reflector
  • Dual fan cooling system
  • Led moonlight for night viewing
  • 180 GPH flow rate
  • Power protein skimmer - 8W 50-GPH
  • Integraded 9W UV sterilizer
  • 150W submersible heater
  • Complete hidden 3-stage Bio-Mechanical filtration
  • Filtration media included: Sponge, activated carbon, ceramic rings and bioballs
  • Innovative aquarium cover with variable sliding and elevation adjustment technology
  • Sealed Polycarbonate ( Acrylic ) lens/chamber protects lamps, ballasts and others electronics components from moisture, water contact and corrosion